Disney Infinity 2.0 Ultimate Spider-Man Review

One of the big launch title play sets for Disney Infinity 2.0, was Ultimate Spider-Man, giving Marvel fans a chance to experience New York City and interact with many of the Ultimate Spider-Man characters like White Tiger, Luke Cage, Black Cat and many more. The main storyline is that the Green Goblin and Misterio have joined together to take over the city with clones of Venom, so its up to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (old 80’s reference!), to stop the villainous duo, with the help of SHIELD.

spidermand playsetIncluded in the play set are two figures, Spider-Man and Nova, along with the play set piece which unlocks the story and also unlocks extra toys to purchase with your sparks. Spider-Man will no doubt be a firm favourite and he has been one of my most used figures within the play set environment, having Spider-Man in the game on a whole is just a huge step forward as he is an iconic character that will bring people into the platform. Nova has been one of the big stand out characters for me, he really took me by surprise, I wasn’t too aware of the character before the game was announced, as I had missed the new cartoon (I used to buy Spider-Man comics as a teenager and I have watched every Spider-Man show since the old 60’s ones!). But Nova is a stand out figure, his flying abilities make him very friendly for the large city environment and with fire power plus a good close up attack, he is a great all rounder. One I’ve used much more than I expected to.

USM_Renders_VenomFury-LThere are also some other figures that can be purchase separately that can be used within this play set, you have Nick Fury, Iron Fist and Venom. Venom is one of my all time favourite Spider-Man characters and within this game he is similar to Spider-Man with his web slinging abilities but the way he runs and climbs up buildings is very different, its much more animal like. Nick Fury is probably my least favourite characters for the game, while he has plenty of firepower, he doesn’t feel that special compared to the other characters, but on the other hand, Iron Fist is actually very good for close up attacks, he is very fast and pretty good in a scrap. Though one thing with both Nick & Iron Fist is that its a bit of a chore getting around this huge play set without the flying or web slinging powers. Though it does make you use vehicles and jump points more regularly.

Its also worth noting that both Iron Man and Hulk can also go into the Spider-Man play set for some exclusive challenges, which adds extra value to both of those figures. All the figures are extremely well designed with lots of attention to detail and very vibrant colours.

For me, the Ultimate Spider-Man play set was the play set I was least excited about post launch but once I started playing it, I really enjoyed it and I found the play set to be a very full adventure and it felt a much bigger than the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy play sets, there are some very interesting challenges like the web crawling ones.  One great addition has been the way the bosses work, they are more like sub levels with two battles with Green Goblin and one puzzle themed challenge against Misterio.  Its very noticeable how play sets this year have definite endings, with a final battle, a cut scene and a message saying the main story is done, which is a major improvement over last years editions.

There are many similar challenges to other play sets such as lots of running around collecting or defending items or just defeating enemies, but as with most games, its how they are presented differently to whomever is playing, is the key.  I also enjoyed the parts of the story where the game moved to the sewers, it moved the action from the skyline of New York and offered some different challenges.

For Spider-Man fans, this play set is a must have, but even for those who aren’t into Marvel, I would still recommend this play set to all Disney Infinity 2.0 fans, its got a great storyline and interesting challenges, for $35, to get 2 figures (worth $15 each).  The play set gives much more than $5 worth of entertainment (plus those extra toys that can be unlocked for the Toy Box).  If money is an issue, I’d suggest only getting the play set and maybe miss out on the additional figures as they don’t add too much to the adventure.  Spider-Man is a great experience and well worth checking out.

What do you think of the Ultimate Spider-Man play set?