A Closer Look At Disney Infinity 2.0’s Donald Duck


This week in Europe, the first Disney Originals release for Disney Infinity 2.0 has taken place with Donald Duck being released in many countries such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with Donald Duck set to be released in the United States on November 4th, along with all the other Disney Originals figures Stitch, Merida, Hiro, Baymax, Aladdin, Maleficent and Tinkerbell.

Donald Duck is one of the all time classic Disney characters and a personal favourite of mine, this figure is extremely well done.   The level of detail on the figure is amazing and could easily stand up against some of our Donald Duck ornaments as the figure just oozes that classic Donald Duck charm.  It is also the only Disney Infinity character that drew my wife’s eye, as she called it very cute and adorable, which she has never said about any other Infinity figure.

Here is my video review for Donald Duck:

Character Development Poster - Donald-L

In game, Donald is a lot of fun with lots of humour and classic Donald sounds that bring the character to life and once fully upgraded, Donald is great to use, he has the ability to throw random objects at enemies for a melee attack and for those up and close attacks, Donald can also add a broom to his arsenal.  And finally as his big move, he pulls out a mallet and smashes his way through the enemies.   Here is some gameplay footage of Donald in action along with a closer look at his Skill Tree.

Donald Duck is a great addition to Disney Infinity 2.0 and an overall good solid character.

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