Could Regular Surprise Releases Work?

In the past couple of weeks we have seen a number of surprise releases at both D-Streets, in the form of the Trading Night 2014 Eachez (Agent P, Alice and Scrooge).  All of which sold out extremely quickly, with Disney just announcing their release the day before, with a low Limited Edition size and a chance of a variant, does increase demand and I wonder, could this be a interesting way of selling and promoting Vinylmation?

Lets say straight away, these Trading Night Eachez are a fantastic idea, a super low LE size, a good design, variant factor and also exclusivity has made these figures one of the biggest success stories of the year.  Disney has hit a home run with the Eachez line and it could be easy for it to get out of control but if handled correctly, they could be even more popular.

IMG_2197.JPGNow, with these Trading Night Eachez, without the actual events taking place, they could have been sent off to the local recycling center but Disney decided to release them anyway.  And why not, they are a great design and more importantly, Disney can make money off these.

To a collector, adding the chase of the variant, along with chance of owning something that is valuable and even exclusive to a local, is what its all about.  While many collectors would love to Vinylmation in lots of different retailers (ie like many of the Funko figures), having them exclusive to the parks, makes them more desirable.

agent p trade night 450Heading into 2015, disregarding the possibility that the Trading Night Eachez could return, I think having these very small limited released Eachez could be a huge hit.  For example, what if every month there was a surprise release at one location, without any notice.  With different locations getting them every month, such as one third going to D-Street in Disneyland, a third going to the other D-Street in Walt Disney World and the final third going to  I’m not even going to bother suggesting Disneyland Paris gets some as, it would be nice to get some releases than a chance to get some exclusives.

Some might argue that they should be split between each D-Street and Online, which in an ideal world, would be great but with the lower Limited Edition sizes, its more cost effective to have them all shipped to one location.  Plus I think the exclusive factor would make them more desirable and encourage trading.   I’ve no doubt that this would work, as long as they don’t get Greedy.  The Trading Night Eachez have shown this is a popular idea.  I’m certainly not suggesting every release should be like this, but I believe there is a place in the Vinylmation hobby for a little more “exclusivity” (I use that term loosely with Disney, since it means something different to them).

Do you think this idea would work?


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