Kristen’s Customs…My Latest Addition

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading last week’s column, Kristen’s Customs…The Beginning. Since last week I started by showing you my first custom, today I thought I would show you my latest custom that I have added to my collection. This is from my collection and it is actually a set of three together. It combines two of my favorite things, Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Donald Duck. They aren’t Donald himself, they are his nephews.

This custom set is Huey, Louie and Dewey dressed as the three hitchhiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion. These were made by Josh Edwards as part of his Haunted Mansion series he had done in August of this year. He auctioned all of his pieces off and I was the lucky winner for this set. I actually was on vacation in Walt Disney World when he put them up for auction. Luckily, after a long day at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot, that night I still remembered these were ending. So as I was exhausted and lying in bed at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, I was on my Ipod watching the end of the auction and bidding. I was lucky enough that my last bid came in just in time and I was so excited to have won these.


The detailing on them is great. I love that they are painted in a blue/green color. A lot of the Haunted Mansion customs I have are purple and blue in color so these were a nice addition to my collection. The accessories for them complete the figures nicely. The hats are perfect and I love the ball and chain!

Josh has made a few different customs for me over the years so I will be showcasing more of his work in the future. You can see more of his work on his Facebook page Crazy4Vinyls Customs by Josh Edwards at I hope you enjoyed this week’s customs and look forward to see another from my collection next week!