Across the Pond – The Perfect Series?

acrossthepondWhen I look at my display case full of row after row of Vinylmation, my little brain started to think about what would make up a perfect series and what series out of my collection would I consider perfect, which I couldn’t really narrow down since almost every series so far has a few minor issues with it.   But coming up with a perfect series isn’t that easy since everyone has different thoughts on what people would consider perfect.

For me, the biggest way to make a perfect series is to have a strong theme that is Disney related, that’s probably the easiest thing to start off with since any series without a strong set of characters generally won’t be as popular.  Strong characters are needed for so many reasons including putting a few major characters on the box and tray to attract customers to buy them.

Leading on from that, having strong characters is very important as the perfect series would one without a few fillers, with the new smaller case sizes of either 5 or 7 main figures, it allows for a much stronger series which is something I think will improve future sets as too many full sets of 12 have suffered from having too many weak links.

Adding lots of different accessories to make different figures stand out is another added bonus, a full set of figures without accessories just doesn’t look as exciting.

Another major way of making a perfect series is to have one of the strongest designs used as a chaser, having a amazing chaser can make a huge difference to the overall attraction of a set to collectors, using off the wall figures or figures that is just a poor design can really kill the buzz on a set.   But maybe the best way of making a chaser even cooler is to make a variant Super Chaser like the Ghost Obi Wan that is perhaps still one of the all time most wanted figures, even years after its release its still one of the most expensive figures and I know one day I will eventually get hold of one.

This leads on to the inclusion of variants, adding variants to blind box series can really increase the amount of buzz a series gets from its collectors as people keep buying blind boxes in the hope of getting variants such as the BATB Bimbette or Park 9 Dapper Dan but with extra variants of variants.  Personally I never got the appeal of variants, if I got hold of one it’s a nice bonus but some collectors go nuts for it.

I would also personally like to take a few ideas from the Urban Redux series, I think adding in some “hand drawn” very limited items added to a series falls into this category of an added bonus but I know some  collectors don’t like this idea but for me it’s a nice added treat.

park7boxObviously the main common figures are the biggest part of having a classic perfect series with variants and the chaser adding extra bonus points into making an amazing set.  But for me, part of a perfect series comes from things away from the actual design such as its production numbers and distribution.

Now this shouldn’t impact on a perfect series but if you think about some of the best series, many people wouldn’t throw the names of series that ended up at the Outlets.  For a simple reason that while many collectors are happy picking up sets cheaply but many collectors want their figures to either retain or increase in value.  Obviously this is a bonus point to many but things like this do have a impact.

redux trayAlso in the same area, there is a very thin line between a series being very popular and selling out too quickly , compared to a series that hangs around for ever and has to be reduced to clear (regardless of the design).  For me a perfect series should sell out and never be reduced, but not sell out so quickly that no one has a chance to get them.  But again these don’t make a series any better to look at but it does improve the perception of a series over time.

A perfect series is a very person thing, which is why Disney release so many different themed sets, While Beauty and the Beast appeals to some, Star Wars might appeal to someone else and a Park set doesn’t appeal to many Disney store customers who have never visited the parks.

This is why a perfect series is so hard to get, there have been many amazing sets that people and I’m sure more sets will be coming in the future, so what would be your perfect series, past and future?

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