With the announcement of the Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes [2.0 Edition] Starter Pack earlier this year and then the subsequent announcement of the Disney Infinity Originals  [2.0 Edition] Toy Box Starter Pack, and still the further announcement of the Disney Infinity 2.0 Game Download, some people were wondering how they would get certain pieces that are included in the two Starter Packs if they are not, in fact, getting that Starter Pack. Confused yet? I thought you might be.

So, let’s take Dave. Dave wants to buy the digital download of Disney Infinity 2.0. Why? Well, he has the Disney Infinity base from his 1.0 game. Also, he wants to deal without the disc. So, when the digital download for his XBox 360 become available in late 2014, he will be getting that. However, Dave also wants to play the Avengers Play Set (currently available only in the Marvel Starter Pack) and wants to play with Stitch in the Toy Box (who will be available November 4th in the Toy Box Starter). Is there any way that he can do this without having to buy the two Starters? Disney has made it possible.

The team at Disney Infinity previously announced that Merida and Stitch, the two characters in the Toy Box Starter, would be available as single purchases, and that has been confirmed on websites like Toys ‘R’ Us to be so. Yesterday, Johnny V. announced that the four Toy Box Game Discs (2 for the Marvel Starter and two for the Toy Box Starter) will be available later in 2014 for $19.99 per 2pk. And now, it looks like we have the solution for the rest of the contents of the Marvel Starter. Toys ‘R’ Us is now accepting pre-orders for the Avengers Play Set (which includes Iron Man and Black Widow) and a single pack of Thor. 



So it looks like an individual can truly customize their Disney Infinity 2.0 experience and only buy what they want. However, my question remains…. what don’t you want it all?

Have a great weekend.