Today information surfaced on Twitter that the four Toy Box Game Discs for Disney Infinity 2.0, two for Marvel Super Heroes and two for Disney Originals, with be sold after the November 4th launch of the Disney Originals Toy Box Starter Pack in two packs for $19.99. A little high to some, and with this news questions arose as to how to go about obtaining the Disney Originals merchandise if one has already purchased the Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack. I took some time crunching the numbers, and the results are surprising. Here I compare two options: a la carte and purchase of the Toy Box Starter Pack.

Option #1: Purchase everything a la carte. Might sound simple enough, and probably the “logical” choice. However, retail costs for the characters in the Starter Pack (Merida and Stitch) and the two Toy Box Game Discs now total $49.97. Let’s keep this number handy.

The biggest pro for this choice is that it keep clutter down. If you already have a copy of the game and the Infinity Base (some of us already have two copies of the base because of 1.0), why would you want more stuff junking up your house? Also, it does seem like a waste of product for stuff to simply sit around.


Option #2: Purchase the Toy Box Starter Pack. You might be asking why I would even suggest this. Simple: the numbers.

Let’s bring back that $49.97 you would pay retail. now we are going to add to that another $14.99. Why? Currently here in the US, most stores like Target and Toys ‘R’ Us are offering a free single pack figure with the pre-order of the Toy Box Starter Pack. Perfect change to get Donald, Aladdin, Maleficent, Tinkerbell, Baymax, or Hiro for free. The a la carte retail total now comes to $64.96. Now, what’s the retail cost of the Toy Box Starter Pack? $59.99. Yup. Even before we factor in any value for the extra game and Infinity base, you are already looking at a savings. Once more, you get the Toy Box Game Discs on launch day… you don’t have to wait until later.

Donald Duck Toy Box9-L

Now, some of you might say “but Toys ‘R’ Us will probably have the single figures on sale”…. okay. The sale will be “3 for $33” more than likely, similar to what they had for the release of Marvel. $33 for three figures and $19.99 for the Toy Box Game Discs is $52.99…. seven more dollars and you get another copy of the game and another base…. perhaps for another console or as a backup (I know some of you had issues with kids breaking discs). PLUS you get the discs at launch, instead of waiting.

So, just by the numbers, the Disney Originals Toy Box Starter Pack is the way to go…. money wise a true no brainer, in my opinion.


NOTE: Now, there might be some that don’t want Merida and Stitch, but do want the Toy Box Game Discs…. maybe .001% of you… maybe. Hey, it could happen. If this is you, get the digital download of Disney Infinity 2.0 when it comes out. Why? Here in the US, downloads of the game will come with an opportunity to get the two Disney Toy Box Game Discs for free. The download will have an introductory price of $19.99… so for the same price as the discs retail you also get a free download of the game for your console.


Now, with this being said, obviously better sales could surface between now and November 4th. I am simply extrapolating from the information we know so far. However, I am pretty confident in my analysis of this information and my assumptions on what November 4th will bring.

And with that, I am off to order my Toy Box Starter Pack.