Is Disney Overcooking Eachez?

eastereachezIn the past year we have seen a new explosion within the Vinylmation community, the popularity of the Eachez line has been incredible, super fast sell outs, high priced variants and lots of excitement have seen Eachez become a hot property.  And judging from the previews at the Imagination Gala, Eachez are going to continue to play a major part of Vinylmation going forward.

One of the biggest reasons for the success of the Eachez brand is the “chase”, Disney have brought the chase back, by adding the variant factor, people are often buying more than one blind box, resulting in faster sell outs and more cash in the till. The Eachez blind boxes are a perfect fit into special events such as Trade Nights, Star Wars Weekends, D23 Expo’s, as well as for holiday events like Easter or Independence Day.

But it has caused a few issues along the way, often many of the Eachez are only available at the parks of at exclusive events, locals go nuts for them, buying up loads, which is great for Disney but it has left many non-local collectors either paying through the nose or only getting a shot at the common. Often picking up a common figure is extremely easy as they flood the secondary market, locals often can buy in bulk, open them all up, sell the variant for a profit and usually sell the commons for cost or just above (not always).

olafThis has led to many non-local collectors, almost giving up on many of the Eachez variants, but more importantly there are many collectors who think Disney are going to overcook the whole Eachez line. Currently most releases have been pretty successful, they’ve sold well and haven’t needed to been heavily reduced in price. Disney only want to make Vinylmation that will sell, the days of Outlets full of Vinylmation and huge discounts on are hopefully a thing of the past, but if Disney keep churning out Eachez contentiously, it might go the same way as the 9” or Twin Pack.

I still believe the Eachez idea is a great addition to Vinylmation and adds a level of excitement to buying a “open window” figure, but at some point, the bubble might burst. A few too many releases with too high an Limited Edition size could bring Eachez down with a bump, let alone if Disney produce too many open edition figures such as the Theme Park Favourites.

Disney have a fine line to walk, Eachez are a lot of fun and have been very successful, but it does feel like they have almost abandoned other formats like the 9”, twin packs, boxed sets etc in favor of these nifty little blind boxes. Eachez are also being introduced to the Popcorn’s line to try to save that and they’ve already experimented with a box set (Tower of Terror), so I believe in the future we will probably see a lot more than individual blind boxes.

However, Eachez could be the saving grace of Vinylmation, it could be exactly what it needed, bringing back the chase and just as important, the exclusivity of lower LE numbers and limited availability, but I still have a feeling in a couple of years, it could backfire if not handled correctly.

What do you think?

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