guardians of the galaxy play set

Guardians of the Galaxy is without doubt, one of the hottest properties in the Marvel universe and including a play set in the launch of Disney Infinity 2.0 was a smart idea.

The Guardians of the Galaxy play set comes with two figures, Starlord and Gamora, along with the actual play set piece.  Starlord is a fantastic character to use as he has a super jump ability due to his rocket boots and he also has lots of guns to hand to take care of enemies.  While Gamora has both a gun and sword which make her a good all rounder.  There are also some single characters that can be used within the play set, Rocket Racoon, Groot and Drax are available at launch, with Yondu and Ronan being released at a later date.  I would compare Rocket Racoon to Trigger Happy from Skylanders, he is a smaller character with some huge guns that can do lots of damage, which is a lot of fun and Groot is another stand out character who has some incredible movies such as throwing his fist through the ground to attack enemies.  I will admit, I was slightly underwhelmed by Gamora and Drax though that might be more of a personal preference.
guardians of the galaxy play set

The main story of the Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t connected directly to the movie and is a stand alone story, the main portion of the story takes place in Nowhere, which is a large robot head floating in space and there is also a segment of the story taking part on the Dark Aster where you get to take on Ronan the Accuser in the final battle.  The main story is a little short, within a few hours, I had completed the bulk of the story and I wasn’t exactly rushing through the levels.  But going through the entire play set, unlocking all the items, mastering the challenges, finding all the concept art boxes and leveling up your characters, is going to take much longer.

2.0 play sets allow some crossovers and in this play set, Iron Man and Nova can be used and each have their own unique challenges and mini-story that add extra replay-ability.   And once Ronan and Yondu are released at a later date, that will give some extra incentive to go back into the play set.


One thing I wanted to point out about this play set is that while the play set isn’t a huge 30+ hour video game, I still view it as very good value for money, since the two figures included in this pack would normally retail for around $15 each, which means the play set piece itself is only a few dollars and for that reason alone, I think it is incredible value for money.  And playing through the play sets unlocks additional toys that can be used within the Toy Box, that again adds some more additional content.

While many of the challenges are very similar, for example there are a lot of challenges where the aim is to collect an object and carry it somewhere else to unlock a new area but they mix it up with other challenges like shooting down objects in the sky, defending a ship or taking out enemies/objects.

This play set was made by Studio Gobo, who also created the Pirates of the Caribbean play set in the original Disney Infinity which was one of my favourites due to the different style of game play.  And they have done the same here, it feels very different from the Avengers and Spider-Man play sets since it isn’t set in New York, so offers some variety for play set lovers and being set in space, does make the whole play set feel different.

I really enjoyed playing through the play set and would recommend any Disney Infinity fan to check it out, its a lot of fun and I am planning on going back through the play set again once I have the new characters.  And for me, having got the play set for a great bargain price, I honestly feel I can’t complain too much about the overall size since I would have brought Starlord and Gamora as Toy Box characters anyway, so view this play set as a huge bonus.

Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy is a lot of fun and its worth remembering that this play set is aimed at children and isn’t a standalone video game.  There are hours of entertainment within the play set by the time you go through the main story, complete all the challenges and find all the concept art, it will take some time and that doesn’t include replaying the game as different characters.  Guardians of the Galaxy is a enjoyable play set that certainly adds a different feel to Disney Infinity 2.0 and the only disappointment is the overall length of the main story, but taking the cost of the figures into account, the play set still feels like great value for money.

What do you think of the Guardians of the Galaxy play set?