infinity captain marvel power

With Disney Infinity 2.0 launching in many locations around the world including most of Europe and Australia, we have been finding out a few little details about some new power discs that have been uncovered in the Hall of Superheroes.

10706346_10204662393461063_280627177_n 10706431_10204662394061078_346440434_nThanks to our own Arjan De Wit in the Netherlands, we can see that there are 2 unaccounted for power discs, one represents Falcon and the other is Captain Marvel.  We know there are 40 power discs in the blind bag series, but until now we thought that was all we were getting.  But it does seem like there will be 2 more power discs, which could be part of a toy box pack (probably Falcon & Yondu).  This also could explain why we saw Captain Marvel in one of the trailers, but wasn’t announced as a playable character, but looks to be a team up disc like Ant-Man and the Winter Solider.  Whereas the Falcon power disc is a costume change, to give him his attire from the Captain America movie.


What do you think of these two power discs