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Welcome to a special bumper edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at everything that we saw at the Imagination Gala.

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RogPalmerUK – Watching from a far, the Imagination Gala looked a fun event but it was the announcements that I was excited for, there are lots of new series coming up this year that I’m excited about including the new Avengers blind box series and that both Park 15 and 16 will be coming out during the next year.  I’m also excited about seeing more Eachez, some people might not like these, but I think they are a much better idea than an open window box.  Other figures I’m looking forward to include the 60th Anniversary Park Starz Variants and more importantly, the new Designer Series 1 from Miss Mindy.  This feels like something brand new and fresh, which is exactly what Vinylmation needs.

Jason Cracraft-Windell – Can’t wait for the Mickey Cartoon Series! Looks a lot like Mike Vetrone’s custom series!    Excited for 101, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and from the Villainous Duos the Jafar and Iago set. Also a huge fan of the Chernabog D23 Eachez! Huge Congratulations to Miss Mindy on her Designer Series #1!!! Hope to see more Wonderground artists doing their own series!

David Jarrett – All the Figment love: Showcase event gift, the TN Eachez vinyl, and the golden award Park Starz. Awesome! Also liked the Peter Pan set sneak peak. Oh! And the vinyl community rallying around a crying collector’s missing shopping bag… and – with a true Disney fairytale ending – finding it! That was a *big* hit. Someone should make a movie about that.

Gerald Hawthorne – My main is park 15 and 16, ant man eachez and the avengers marvel set. I also loved the TN figures this time around. Good stuff!!!

Shea DittmanVillainous Duos Vinylmations are going to be AMAZING!!! HUGE hit for sure!!! I LOVE this series!!!

Kimberly Hawk I loved the all the singers! and the trading

Jerry Higgins – GREAT event! lots of fun every year!

WDWRobert –  The imagination Gala had so many beautifully designed Vinylmations that were available at the Gala itself and then add all the wonderful future releases how could you not say, “Take all my money please as I’ll take one of each” event! As there were so many great vinyl’s to choose, it’s hard to break each one them down and go into detail why I just love them all. Well okay there a few Misses but lets save them for later.

Figment Free Gift: This guy has always been a hit with me and I just love the 3” & 1 ½” set. The reason is simple, but the connection is huge. This “Free” Gala Figment brings to mind the original Journey into Imagination attraction where Figment is all dressed up and joyfully dancing to the music. As always for me if there is a connection to something I love in the part. I will love it no matter how it looks!

D-Tour 2: The D-Tour series or as I like to call it “The series that the Urban line should have been” I loved the 1st series and was sad they did not continue with them beyond series one. However, D-Tour 2 will finally come to fruition and I cannot wait. One thing that will be new in the addition of the Minnie platforms and as a whole the looks very creative and Tiki looking Mickey will be a must for me.

Park Starz “Figment Award”: This one is easy. 1. It’s Figment. 2. It’s Figment. 3. It’s Figment and it’s gold! Classic Mickey Mouse & Goofy: I just love the B&W versions of any and all of the Fabulous 5 and “Early Ancestors” too. That’s why I will never get rid of them, hopefully. Please release these next Friday. I will have my money ready!

Villainous Duos: Si & Am and Flotsam & Jetsam These perfectly diabolical “Twins” were in dire need of being their own selves in vinyl form. And now they are and now are twice as evil as before!

Gravity Falls Series and Twin Pack: About 6 weeks ago if you had asked me about Gravity Falls I would of said of course it does. But after catching an episode with my son I was hooked. I commend Disney for not only thinking outside the box but to throw out the box entirely. As for the actual vinyl’s them themselves they too are amazing as well. Mabel & Dipper look great on the 3” Mickey mold. Grunkle with his hat is spot on as well.

Finally there is Soos. He is my favorite and his Mickey Mouse 3” doppelganger is awesome! Mickey & Friends or “M&F” Pirates of the Caribbean Series: I just loved the M&F HM set and Disney Continues on that principal with the Pirates of the Caribbean set. Maybe not as exciting as the HM set I am still excited to collect them all.


RogPalmerUK – There was a lot of figures and series announced at the Imagination Gala that I felt, came across a little too safe.  Other than the Designer Collection, nothing seems to have taken too much of a leap forward.  Which makes sense, too many series and figures were getting discounted and I understand why Disney is being a little more conservative with their selections.  Some of the Limited Edition numbers still feel a little too high and the Eachez format could be easily overdone if they aren’t too careful, but I’m generally feeling overall, that there wasn’t anything that dreadful coming.

Gerald Hawthorne – My only misses have got to be the Half Mask Peter and anything to do with gravity falls. Milking that too hard.

David Jarrett – If you weren’t a Figment fan you might have struggled with an overkill of merch. Hopefully, you’re now a fan!

WDWRobert – Though the Hits far exceeded the Misses at the event there were still Vinylmations that I did not care for. Award Ceremony Chip & Dale: Usually Chip looks great no matter the occasion but for some reason Dale always seems to be either stoned or Drunk.

Disneyland 60th Park Starz “PS” Variants: First there were the Original Bride from the PS1 then a Sepia version and now this? Wow now that’s stretching it a bit. Then the Pirate Skeleton has the same progression and my feelings are the same. Why? Please tell me why? $$$? Imagination Gala Cast Chasers: I have just one thing to say. Dumb & Dumber. Oh and one more thing. Why?

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