This Friday, Disney is releasing their second edition of the Toy Story vinylmation set. Although we’ve seen many different renditions of Toy Story in vinylmation form, that doesn’t diminish the excitement of hearing about a new Toy Story set. After all, it was Toy Story that introduced many of us to the beauty of computer animation and the exciting world that Pixar could create.

Despite the previous Toy Story series being a full case, we are treated to a smaller 7 common piece set this time around. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen so many Toy Story vinylmations, but the Ron Cohee and Maria Clapsis decided to show us our favorite characters outside of their typical appearance.


First we have Buzz Lightyear as Mrs. Nesbitt. This is the vinylmation that I am most excited about. Seen in Toy Story 1, this is the costume that Buzz put on when he finally realized he was just a toy and became slightly inebriated with grief and fake tea.  This common vinylmation would have made an awesome chaser in any other vinylmation set.

Next, we have Woody and Jesse as they appeared on Woody’s popular hit show, Woody’s Roundup. I think this is an interesting take on these characters. The black and white color scheme really adheres to the old school feel of a western film from the 1950’s. Another subtle thing that I appreciate about these two vinylmations were the lines drawn vertically from the corner of their mouths. This little detail makes Woody and Jesse appear as inanimate puppets rather than the live computer generated figures that we are used to seeing.


Then we have Dolly, a minor character that we met in Toy Story 3. She was one of the dolls “acting” when Bonnie first started playing with Woody. Dolly is best known for her humorous quip of, “Woody? You’re gonna stick with that? Well, now’s the time to change it, you know, new room and all. That’s coming from a doll named Dolly.” Another character from Bonnie’s toy collection is also represented in this vinylmation set. That character is Trixie. Trixie was the dinosaur who surprisingly knew how to use a computer and who hilariously received an instant message from her friend, “Velocistar237.”


Lastly, we see Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Outside of Buzz, Woody, and Jesse, Mr. Potato Head would be the next closest thing to a main character that we see in this vinylmation set. Although we hear Andy’s toys excited about Mrs. Potato Head at the end of Toy Story 1, we do not actually see her until Toy Story 2.  The thing that I like about these two vinylmations was the inclusion of Andy’s bedroom wallpaper on the ears of both figures.

What do you think? Are you excited for this set? Will this be a set to complete or a set that you will grab a figure or two from?