First Look at the Disney Infinity 2.0 Hall of Heroes

Last night, reddit user NinjaHarley posted some pictures from Disney Infinity 2.0, as he somehow managed to get a copy of the game before anyone else. I decided to share a select few of them with you. First up… the Hall of Heroes for both Marvel Super Heroes and Disney Originals. First up is the Hall of Heroes from Disney Infinity 1.0, all decked out…. Shiny.


According to NinjaHarley, a bridge now spans from the old Hall of Heroes to a new one for Disney Originals 2.0. This island shows the pedestals for the (9) announced Disney Originals so far…. but where are the other two? Future patch? I guess time will tell.


Lastly, looks like we have what is the Hall of Heroes for the Marvel Super Heroes. Pretty sweet looking, if you ask me. Totally different vibe than the Disney Originals, which is needed.


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