Confirmed: Missing Aladdin Disney Infinity Power Discs Coming in Character 2-pk

Earlier today, we published pictures of the poster being released with the Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Starter Pack. On that poster were listed all of the upcoming Disney Originals Power Discs. Missing from that set of forty discs were two that Disney had already announced would be coming: The Sands of Agrabah and Jasmine’s Palace View, an Aladdin-themed Skydome and Texture pack.

The Sands of Agrabah (Terrain)

The Sands of Agrabah (Terrain)

Jasmine's Palace View (Skydome)

Jasmine’s Palace View (Skydome)

This evening, when replying to someone on Twitter, John Vignocchi, Executive Producer, answered the question as to where they were.


JV is, of course, referring to the Aladdin and Jasmine characters that were announced to be part of Disney Originals 2.0. Aladdin will be available in November, with Jasmine out sometime in 2015.


This raises the question: will you be getting Aladdin when he releases as a single character, or wait until the character pack comes out?

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