Case Exclusives Returning To Disney Infinity 2.0 But Not Blu Ray Combo Packs

With Disney Infinity 2.0 set to launch in just weeks, there have been a couple of interesting tweets from Executive Producer John Vignocchi, teasing a future retailer exclusive and also confirming another item from 1.0 isn’t returning.
frozen blu ray infinity
First up, JV confirmed that the Blu-Ray combos won’t be coming for 2.0, for the first game we saw Monsters University and Frozen packaged with a Disney Infinity figure from that respected movie. This could be for a number of reasons, but both Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6 would be released on home video during 2.0’s year but it is also another item retailers won’t need to make space for.

infinity no blu ray plans
And JV also confirmed that it looks like the Exclusive Cases will be returning for Disney Infinity 2.0, no details are known yet such as which characters would be featured nor what retailers would have these items.

infinity case plansWhat do you think about the Case Exclusives returning for 2.0?