4 more characters news

We are just a couple of weeks away from the release of Disney Infinity 2.0 and we have had many teases from Disney regarding unannounced figures over the past few months but now Executive Producer John Vignocchi has revealed that there are 4 unannounced figures coming to Disney Infinity 2.0. 4 more charactersWith JV then confirming Two will be Marvel characters and two will be Disney, one of which I presume is the female character that JV had previously teased. 4 more characters 2 disney 2 marvel This means we will have a 33 figures for Disney Infinity 2.0 (6 Avengers, 5 Spider-Man, 5 Guardians of the Galaxy, 9 Disney, 3 Villains, Crystal Mickey and these 4 unannounced).  This also could mean we might not get any more playsets announced? Who would you like these unannounced characters to be? iandbfacebook