Budget Guide to Disney Infinity 2.0

disneyinfinity2Lets be totally honest, Disney Infinity can be an expensive hobby, you have the starter pack, play sets, accessories, figures, crystal variants and power discs.  If Disney had put every single item in a single boxed set and released it for a few hundred pound/dollars, instead of selling it individually, it probably would have been a huge flop.  And as we head into the next era of Disney Infinity, with version 2.0 with lots more play sets, more power discs, more figures and a few different starter pack options, Infinity could make a large dent in your wallet.

But here are a few tips to save some money.

1) Wait.  Probably the easiest way of saving money on Disney Infinity is to wait, the longer you wait after release, the cheaper it’ll become.  Starter Packs, figures and play sets have all slowly decreased in value since launch and many stores are trying to clear out their stock before all the nice shiny Marvel Super Heroes arrive.  If your not worried about getting them within the first few days or weeks of release, this will save you a fortune.

pTRU1-16760039dt2) Second Hand.  This slightly fits into number 1, if your not interested in having a nice shiny figure in a box on day one and are willing to wait or look around, there are plenty of bargains to be found as people try selling off older and unwanted figures/discs/game etc.  And if your only jumping into Disney Infinity because of Marvel, its worth checking out those auction sites, game retailers and our own Facebook Group.

3) Sales.  As 2.0 comes closer, stores are trying to sell off much of their existing stock to make room for the new items, meaning you can get some good bargains.  Fantastic if you want to back fill in some missing figures or fancy having a go on that Lone Ranger play set you’ve put off buying (honestly its a great play set).   But also its worth looking out for bargains after 2.0 launches, when Disney Infinity 1.0 launched, many retailers had lots of promotions on figures, play sets, power discs and the starter packs, to try to get people hooked on the game.   Also be on the look out for Buy One Get One Free deals, 3 for 2, discounted prices on figures and power discs after launch.

infinity 2 venom preorder4) Pre-Order.  If you are getting Disney Infinity 2.0 straight away, look around for the best pre-order options, many are offering different prices and also different bonuses such as a free figure like Nick Fury, Iron Fist or Hawkeye.   More offers might become available closer to launch as stores try to entice customers to part with more money.

5) Download – A new addition to Disney Infinity 2.0 is that they are introducing a digital download version, which if you are only interested in the Toy Box aspect of the game or aren’t interested in Marvel, download the digital version and you can use your existing figures and enjoy all the latest weekly toy boxes without buying any new figures, play sets or power discs.

Power Disc series 26) Avoid Power Discs – If your trying to do Disney Infinity on the cheap, one way is to avoid the power discs.  Between 1.0 and 2.0, there will be over 150 power discs available, and at $1 to $3 each, that’s a lot of money to be spent on bonus toys such as vehicles, weapons, wallpapers etc.  They aren’t necessary to enjoy the game and while they might only be a couple of dollars/pounds/euros for a blind bag, they do add up.  Alternatively, if you only wanted a few power discs don’t buy blind bags, just pick up the exact power discs you want from the secondary market (like ebay or our Facebook Group).

7) Wait Some More.  I’ve said it a few times, but if your trying to save money with Disney Infinity.  Wait.  Don’t buy everything straight away, eventually the price will drop.

Do you have any Infinity Saving Tips to share?

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