Infinity – Toy Box Thursday – Agent P Challenge

Its Thursday, which means we have 5 brand new Toy Boxes to download for Disney Infinity, this week’s theme is Agent P’s Challenge.

  • Enlarge-Inator (626Mickey) – Dr. Doofenshmirtz enlarged his head in hopes of taking over the Tri-State Area. STOP HIM! (Hint: To fix camera, move right)
  • STOPWATCH-INATOR (InfiniFan1927) – Doofenshmirtz has caught Agent P. Your mission? Rescue Agent P and bring him back to HQ and stop Doofenshmirtz
  • Doof’s Security (Ethan S.) – Fight your way through Doof’s security system and kick him out!
  • Morning Agent P (DaddyGeek) – It’s Perry’s day off, but there’s still training to do! Complete the two training challenges set up by Monogram.
  • Candy-inator! (Infinity Guru) – Doof’s new -inator is turning the tri-state area sweet (in a bad way)! Get info from Major Monogram.

Here is this week’s Toy Box TV

Here are a few videos of me playing through last week’s Disney Infinity toy boxes:


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