toy box 626 escape

This week we have 5 brand new Toy Boxes to download on Disney Infinity and this weeks all the toy boxes had a Galactic Challenge.

  • Astro Blasters (Imagineer03) – Foil Zurg’s evil plans and save the toy galaxy in this recreation of the popular attraction.
  • Space Mission (dsmma) – Find 4 blasters and destroy the enemy ship
  • Ghost Galaxy (BerryBomber) – The Special Disneyland Space Mountain during Halloween! Escape the Ghost Galaxy then fight in the Robot Graveyard.
  • Prison Ship Beta (Vault of Villains) – Use fuel discs to escape engineering, defeat 10 prisoners and teleport to the Infinity Eagle for a showdown with Zurg
  • 626 Escape! (ShadowHVO) -Experiment 2 has crash landed upon the planet Greema!  Find a new inter-galactic Federal Police Cruiser to escape.
  • Sweet Grand Prix – Race the final track from the movie Wreck It Ralph! As seen on Toy Box TV

And here are a few toy box videos from last week: