Visit for the BEST Way to go to Walt Disney World

Most likely if you collect Vinylmations, you love Walt Disney World or Disneyland. I’m on the east coast and I’ve been going to Walt Disney World since I was a kid. It’s just a special place and I cannot wait until I step on property. Last summer, I had a brand new experience that made me love Walt Disney World even more.


My family is now up to a size of 6 and we were looking for ways to save money. We finally decided to go to Fort Wilderness. We all love camping and the atmosphere at Fort Wilderness can’t be beat. The only problem though is that tent camping in June sounded like torture. The cabins were too expensive as well. I began thinking staying at Fort Wilderness wasn’t going to work out.

I did a search for some Fort Wilderness websites and came across A member there told me to check out and it was the best advice I’d ever gotten about Walt Disney World.


When I went to the website, I found out at the time they had 3 campers for rent. Even better I realized it was very affordable! I could rent the campsite from WDW and the camper from and still be A LOT cheaper than other WDW rooms that could fit my family. Even better, the camper comes fully stocked with bedding and all the supplies you would need. Don’t believe me? Read this list! If you are traveling from a far distance this is a big plus. Heck, they’ll even go shopping for you if you want. Here are some photos of some of their campers. You can see even more HERE.

camper 6 camper5 camper 4 camper 3 camper 2

The part my kids liked the best was the theming. They have bedding and outside decor for Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Star Wars, Princesses and much more (seen the full list HERE). The little things like this just made our stay that more special. When we think back to that trip, we honestly talk almost exclusively about the time we spent at the campsite. Our new home at Walt Disney World is now Fort Wilderness and we’ll always rent from

Make sure to like their Fort Camper Rental Facebook page to see more testimonials and photos. If you love Walt Disney World and camping, You will not be disappointed. Here are some photos from our fun trip to Fort Wilderness.

Photo 6  Photo 4 (5) Photo 5 (3)campfirekiddoscamp000audreycampPhoto 6


My family will be back at Fort Wilderness this October and we’ll be at the campsite with our camper from Fort Camper Rental!