villains 5

If you were not one of the lucky ones to get the SDCC exclusive Pixar Villains set, Disney is giving you a second chance to join the party with the release of the Villains 5 vinylmation set.  This collection will contain villains from at least 8 Pixar films.  Ranging from classics such as Finding Nemo to newer films like Monsters University, this set is bound to have at least one vinylmation that you will want to collect.

villains 5


Charles Muntz

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Charles Muntz is the hero turned villain in the movie Up.  This character was Carl’s childhood idol and the reason Carl and Ellie met.  If Muntz did not inspire Carl and Ellie to pursue adventure, they may have never found true love.  In the end, Muntz went mad with determination to capture Kevin, the creature people did not believe he captured.  In pursuit of Kevin, Muntz put the lives of Carl, Russell, and Dug.


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This is the vinylmation I am most excited for.  Although not a villain in a true sense, Darla was the character in Finding Nemo that Nemo and the other fishes inside the dentist office feared.  Known for loving animals but not knowing the proper way to take care of them, Darla was notorious for killing fishes while still in the plastic bag.


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Mor’du was the mythical and legendary foe of Merida’s father in the movie Brave.  Legend has it that Mor’du was an evil 12 foot tall black bear.  According to story repeatedly told by Fergus, Mor’du was the one responsible for his missing leg.


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This is the third iteration of Syndrome that we’ve seen this year.  We’ve seen him once as a Robot in Robots 4, again as Incrediboy in the SDCC exclusive, and now as his full on evil on evil self in Villains 5.  Seen in the movie The Incredibles, Syndrome was the die hard Mr. Incredible fan who became evil after feeling slighted as a young boy by Mr. Incredible.

Mr. Waternoose

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Mr. Waternoose is one of two Monsters Inc villains that we see in this series.  Seen in the original monsters movie, “Monsters, Inc”, Mr. Waternoose was the crab like creature who was the in charge of running the Monsters, Inc business.  His evil doings involved doing whatever it took to keep the business profitable.

Dean Hardscrabble

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Dean Heardscrabble was the dean in charge of Monser’s University.  Similar to Darla, Hardscrabble is not a villain a traditional sense.  She was not out to harm anyone nor did she seem to have a vendetta against Mike or Sully.  If anything, Dean Hardscrabble reminds me of my old college professors that were always about hard nosed and always about business.  Wait….I take it back then.  Dean Hardscrabble IS the ultimate villain.


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Bambi’s buddy is a villain now?  This Thumper is actually a from the movie A Bug’s Life.  This character is a great counterpart to the other SDCC exclusive released, Hopper.  In the movie, Thumper was Hopper’s muscle.  If Hopper wanted something done to an insect that got in his way, he would unleash Thumper on the poor victim.

Al McWhiggin

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Thanks to the lovely thing called the world wide web and ebay, we know that Al Mcwhiggin, better known as “The Chicken Man”, will be the chaser in this set.  In this set, Al will be dressed in his infamous chicken suit.  In the movie, Toy Story 2, Al is the evil garage saler- toy collector who stole Woody from Andy’s front lawn.  Fun fact: Al’s toy store actually made a quick cameo as a commercial on TV in the original Toy Story Movie.

What are your thoughts? Does this set interest you?  If it does, will you purchase the full set or will you just try to get the villain from your favorite Pixar film?