Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit – Day One Notes

Toy Box Summit Logo-LToday saw the first live streaming from the Toy Box Summit with over 2 hours of brand new Disney Infinity news and information.   A recording of this event can be found over on Twitch.

The event kicked off with a Keynote speech from VP & CM John Blackburn and Executive Producer John Vignocchi.

Here are a few key points:

  • John mentioned that they want to make the Toy Box Summit an Annual event
  • The Two John’s went through some figures such as how many downloads they’ve had, who is playing the game and other interesting facts.
  • They run through the Disney Marvel Starter Pack Details
  • The Top 10 requests from the community are discussed including how the Toy Box has been improved.   Templates, Builders, Interiors, allowing more downloads, sharing toy boxes between friends, more structured gameplay and more.
  • Details on a Disney Starter Pack will be announced next week.
  • The full opening to the game is shown as a sneak peek for live viewers.   (We were asked by Disney not to share any information on this.)

Following the Keynote speech, there was a hour long Toy Box Q&A.

Here are a few key points:

  • They discuss issues when developing the game such as character creation, animation, the look of characters etc.
  • The new skill tree’s are explained in detail along with their attributes.
  • They discuss how they develop new characters such as Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy which they haven’t seen footage for.
  • Inspiration for toys, items and characters are discussed
  • They discuss how the approval filter system works for the game developers to include new items such as going back to the creators to get approval on items.
  • Gus the Mule is going to be in 2.0, how Rajah the Tiger can be a mount but Simba couldn’t because he talks.
  • They explain what is the process for picking characters, toys, power discs.
  • Some toys from 1.0 have been upgraded such as Scrooge’s Money Pit
  • They discuss the vehicles and Cars being moved to 2.0 and how flight has been improved
  • Costume Discs are talked about how Marvel came up with the idea.  There will be Power Disc for Santa Claus Suit for Jack Skellington.
  • Swimming and Water are discussed including future playsets involving water (Finding Dory?)
  • They discuss how the different eras of Disney are included in the game
  • The panel explain their favourite character from 2.0

And finally the Toy Box Mentors explained how the Toy Box 2.0 works to the Toy Box Artists in attendance and those watching on Twitch.

  • They’ve announced that content created by the Toy Box Mentors will be made available for free for people to download in the form of toy box challenges for specific characters and episodic content.
  • The Toy Box Mentors are all introduced and they explain how the this special Toy Box Summit Challenge is all about.
  • They explain how the Toy Box has changed and improvements that have been made in great detail:
  • Each Toy Box Mentor showed off one of their creations in 2.0

Some of the new Creativi Toys include:

  • Barrier Blocks
  • Chests for holding items like enemies, toys, health etc
  • A Remote
  • Color Changing Block
  • Collection Pens
  • Weather Vane
  • Enemy Trail Guide
  • Ability
  • Vehicle Summoner
  • Camera Angles
  • Editor Manager
  • Loot Drop Manager
  • Money Manager
  • Packs/Tools Manager
  • Storefront
  • Inventory Manager
  • Linking Doors
  • Area Triggers
  • Sound Effects
  • Text Creator (You can attach a USB keyboard to make it easier)
  • Text Displayer
  • Level Starter
  • Logic Gate
  • Randomizer
  • Ready Up
  • Toy Box Game Maker
  • Action Enforcer
  • Ballot Box
  • Confirmer
  • Defeat Manager
  • Effects Generator

Over almost 3 hours of live streaming from the Toy Box Summit, we found out lots of information about Disney Infinity 2.0 and for Toy Box Artists, this video really explains in great detail how the Toy Box 2.0 works.

Check back tomorrow to see how the Toy Box Artists got on with their unique challenge:

Here is the Keynote Speech, Panel and some Toy Box Training

Watch live video from Disney on Twitch

Watch live video from Disney on Twitch

What do you think of the news coming out of the Toy Box Summit so far?


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