toy box up

This week’s theme is UP and we have 5 new Disney Infinity toy boxes to download which include:

BEYOND THE FALLS – Help Carl get his house up to Paradise Falls. It won’t be as easy as you think! Created by InfiniFan1927
Up Fly away in Carl’s House and find Paradise Falls. Created by dsmmat.
SQUIRREL!! – Help Dug through obstacles on his mission to find Carl’s house. Created by Pirate Steven.
Ellie’s Dream – Help control Carl’s house to Paradise Falls, but once there it floats off. Chase after it or lose Ellie’s dream forever. Hint: Follow the holograms! Created by Vault of villains.
Scout For Badges – While searching for a snipe Russell lost all of his archery badges inside Carl’s house! Find all 10 before Carl notices! Created by Finn-Warrior

Here is this week’s Toy Box TV:

And here are a few videos of my playing last weeks Olaf Toy Boxes: