Every now and again the Oh My Disney blog posts an interesting take on Vinylmation and this time they have focused on the new Sleeping Beauty Vinylmations with some interesting animated GIFs.

Here is the original story:

I don’t even care about the new Vinylmation series… said nobody ever. We have a history of playing with toys in the name of work, and this series release was no exception. The Sleeping Beauty series is one of our favorites in recent memory for a few reasons: a) we love classic Disney animation, b) it features both unusually tiny and unusually tall figures, and c) the figures look just like the Sleeping Beauty characters we love.

We didn’t feel that typical photography would do this series justice, so we had to make something a little extra-special. Behold, our glittering assemblage of Sleeping Beauty Vinylmation GIFs!

vinylmation_sleepingbeauty_prince vinylmation_sleepingbeauty_dragondragon vinylmation_sleepingbeauty_pigdude vinylmation_sleepingbeauty_fairies vinylmation_sleepingbeauty_owl vinylmation_sleepingbeauty_maleficent vinylmation_sleepingbeauty_sleepingbeautyIn case you need your own, the Sleeping Beauty Vinylmation series is available on and at Disney Parks.