Haunted Mansion Mickey and Gang Vinylmation Set Releasing This Friday

This Friday, August 8th, Disney will be releasing the Haunted Mansion Mickey and Gang Vinylmation set.  This set arrives a day before the 45th year anniversary of the beloved Haunted Mansion ride at the Disneyland Resort in California.


Introduced on August 9th, 1969, this theme park attraction has become a “must see” for Disney fans visiting the happiest place on earth.  One cannot consider a trip to Disneyland complete without visiting this timeless house of horrors.  Throughout its forty-five year span at Disneyland, this ride has maintained its classic feel while performing modern updates to keep younger Disney fans engaged.

Due to the popularity of this Disneyland attraction, Disney officials made the decision to replicate this haunted mansion at various Disney parks throughout the world including Florida, Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong.  In fact, this theme park attraction also spawned the Eddie Murphy classic *cough, cough*, “The Haunted Mansion.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.19.57 AM

Traditionally, Haunted Mansion vinylmation sets tend to be very popular. The last haunted mansion box set literally sold out online in minutes. Although this set has the dreaded topper, I still believe that this will sell out quickly.  The combination of Haunted Mansion nostalgia mixed in with traditional Mickey Mouse and friends is a recipe for success.

Looking at the 360 degree previews from www.vinylmation.com, I am most excited for the Mickey and Minnie toppers.  The smug and disinterested look on their faces makes this a definite must have for me.  As a topper, you would think that I would be guaranteed to get both of these vinylmations.  I wish this was true, but as an online shopper, I risk the chance of getting two of the same toppers.  Many people shared this sentiment when the last Star Wars Bobba Fett topper set was sold online.  If only www.disneystore.com would give us the option to choose which topper we wanted.

What do you think?  Will you be up at midnight waiting for this release?  Will this set be one of the sets you chose to get in August or will you save your money for the other 17 billion sets being released this month?  Now if only this set had an Eddie Murphy chaser…..