Custom Shout Out

custom shout outWelcome to Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Shout Out where I share with our readers some interesting custom Vinylmations that I’ve spotted over the past week over on our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group.

Artist Name: JChad
Custom Name:Monorail Hitchhiking Ghosts
Artist Contact:

Justin emailed me with this photo of his latest custom, a 9″ Red Monorail featuring the Hitchhiking Ghosts, this custom has two of my favourite park items in one lovely custom. The idea that the Hitchhiking Ghosts have hitched a ride on the monorail is fantastic and fits in perfectly with the 45th Anniversary of the infamous attraction.

Artist Name: Consuelo Celeste Delgado‎

The moment I saw this Custom, I knew I had to give it a shout out, I just love the bright colours and the unique take on the Vinylmation mold, its very bright and has plenty of sparkles. I don’t usually like cute things, but this looks extremely impressive and I can’t wait to see more of Consuelo’s work.

Artist Name: Jared Flores‎
Custom Name: Abu

Jared’s work continues to impress me, this figure just looks another masterpiece and could easily be a mass-produced Disney figure, the design is just perfect and captures Abu perfectly.

Artist Name: Jennifer Bednarski‎


And I thought I’d leave one of the best customs I’ve seen in ages for last, this custom blew me away, this custom shows how creative artists can be and how the Mickey mold can be used in a way by custom artists that just wouldn’t be possible with mass produced items. The molding of the dragon is simply amazing and I love how Mickey is standing on the base, recreating a scene from Fantasmic and with the added bonus of having light up LED’s, its truly fantastic!

If you’re interested in Custom Vinylmations, check out our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group

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