infinity no triple packs

With many of the retailers kicking off their Disney Infinity 2.0 pre-orders, its been noticed that no triple packs have been listed and the reason for that is because Disney have decided to only release Disney Infinity 2.0 figures as single figures.   This will also apply to the Villains, Loki, Green Goblin and Ronan who will only be released individually.

This has been confirmed by Disney Interactive’s John Vignocchi on Twitter who replied to a fans question:

JV no triple packs

jv no villain triple packLast year, Disney released two triple packs at launch, one was called the Sidekicks pack and consisted of Mike, Mrs Incredible and Barbossa while the Villains triple pack consisted of Randy, Davy Jones and Syndrome.  While a Girl Power pack featuring Violet, Rapunzel and Vanellope was only released in some countries.

So it looks like the only way to get hold of figures this year, will be as individual figures.

What do you think of this?