Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Duffy Series 1.


RogPalmerUK – ?  …. urm……..  I do actually like the whole idea of doing something completely different and I’m sure Duffy fans will love this series.

WDWRobertHits: I am not sure about this series, as my initial feeling towards the set is rather cold to it. I do like Duffy as a character and I have 2 of the original Duffy vinyl’s as well. Perhaps it maybe that I see a lack of effort or creativity what has been released. For goodness sakes the Chaser is just a clear Duffy Bear! But here are a few that I like but for the most part I am not intending on collecting this set.

Bumble Bee – Though the first second I looked at it I thought of the Bumblebee Man from the Simpsons I still like the look of this Duffy Bear and the more I look at it, the more I want to at least get this one. With a simple, clean and the Bee look on Duffy just looks fabulous.

Green – Out of all the plain colored Duffy’s I like the green one the most. I think it because the green is similar to Kermit is why I am partial to it. Anyways, the two toned Green Duffy works out just fine.

Polka Dot – Am I the only that said to themselves “Hey there goes Twister Duffy” or “Hey there goes Color Dot Candy on Paper Duffy”? If you did then you must like this Duffy for the same reason. A colorfully fanciful Duffy for me, yes, for me!

NicoleDaughter and wife are HUGE fans of Duffy so this set was a no brainer. We all think the mold is unique and a nice change.  Would have liked to see Duffy in a Mickey costume, Mickey with a Junior Duffy or Shellie May

LudicI just visited Disneyland and could not resist buying these. I saw them and absolutely loved them, I kept going back and buying more. In the end I ended up with one of each except the green and mystery one. I ended up with 4 extra purple ones, luckily the extras will make great gifts.  Although I hope that for series 2 they have Duffy painted in various costumes because Duffy is all about changing outfits and cute costumes.



RogPalmerUK – Ah Misses, yep lets put this whole series into the misses pile.  I don’t get Duffy and so this series is a complete miss for me, I just feel this whole series is missing something special, this is more of an urban brand and not aimed at Duffy fans.   Its cute, but I hope they try another series but maybe more “Disney” for the Duffy fans alone.

Stephanie – I think it would have been cute if they did holidays like how Duffy dresses up at Epcot.

TravisThe whole series is a miss….. they could have gone a different route (character based) and been a lot more popular and interesting

WDWRobertMisses: Brown – In my best Ben Stein voice I say this; “Wow a brown bear how unique”! Anyone? Anyone? Clear – Amazingly boring. Let me make this clear. I am not amused. Pass. Pink – I only gave the Pink bear a miss was only because I do not like it. But this one will probably be a hit for a lot of people. I must give Caley Hicks a lot of credit for not just making a plain old pink bear.

Blue – The moment I looked at this one I thought of Sally from the Cars Movie. Not only for the similar colors but for the artwork “Tattoo” on the back of Sally that can be seen when she is driving away from Lightning McQueen. I might be me but the more I looked at the Line/scribble art the more I see things that just look odd. I’ll leave it at that.


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