toy box toy story 4

It’s Thursday, which means we have 5 new toy boxes to download on Disney Infinity and this weeks theme is Toy Story Sequel Challenge.

  • Toy-Napped! – A mean boy has stolen Bonnie’s toys! Find all 10 to get them home! Official sequel to Toy Box of the Year The BIG Room! Created by Enrem.
  • Show and Tell – Bonnie told her class about her favorite toys, then left for lunch. But she wasnt the only child to bring toys to school. Hint: Open the desks! Created by Vault of villains.
  • Yard Sale Rescue – Hamm, Rex, & Slinky are stuck in boxes! Pass each challenge & bring them back to the porch before they get sold! Created by Vasuri83.
  • Toy Story 4 – Enjoy new Toy Story adventures in Bonnie’s house. Created by dsmmat
  • No1 Left Behind – Land and save the captured soldier and bring him to base for MEDEVAC. Then save the downed crewmember and bring him to base. Created by thecocoratwig.

And finally here are a few of our own Toy Box play through videos from last weeks toy boxes: