Gravity-Falls-Signing-600x397Ever since the first trailer came out for Disney Infinity 2.0, we have been spotting little hints about items from the hit TV show, Gravity Falls, and thanks to the latest Infinity 2.0 trailer, we get to see all of these items in use.

Here is the trailer:

Unfortunately Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch confirmed at SDCC that there wouldn’t be any Gravity Falls figures in Infinity 2.0 but Disney have been heavily promoting the existence of items within the game. The trailer also shows off how Interiors can be used within the Toy Box and even showing a ride vehicle from the Alice in Wonderland Game.alice car

Here are some official details on these three power discs:

Gravity Falls Forest: Wake up and smell the pine trees! Change your terrain into the forest from Disney’s popular animated series Gravity Falls and enjoy streams, trees, rocks and more!

Gravity Falls Sky: Unlock a pine forest, water falls and beautiful blue skies with this Power Disc. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Gravity Falls, Oregon!

Mabel’s Kittens for Fists: This might be one of our favorites… Devastate your enemies with the most adorable, cuddly weapon you’ll ever get your fists on! Designed by the one and only Mabel Pines.


What do you think about these Gravity Falls Power Discs and items.