Destination Vinylmation Podcast – Episode 164 Spaghetti & Meatballs

164-Spaghetti-Meatballs-big-300x300Destination Vinylmation Podcast – Episode 164 Spaghetti & Meatballs is now available to download.

Official Description:

This week Nick and Brendt have a lot to talk about. SD ComicCon brought about the release of new Disney Pixar Villains and the news of more to come. Duffy and Sleeping Beauty blind boxes were released and Animation 5, Haunted Mansion 45th and Halloween Vinylmation were previewed.

Main Points:

  • Nick & Brendt run through the recent new releases including Duffy and the Sleeping Beauty
  • The other big recent release was the SDCC Pixar Villain exclusives and how Disney promoted it.
  • Villains 5 Pixar is discussed in depth
  • Brendt & Nick then run through their thoughts on Animation 5
  • The Haunted Mansion & Friends Combo Toppers
  • Other Halloween figures including the Grave Digger and twin pack
  • The previews of the Big Hero 6 Vinylmations being shown at SDCC
  • News of the Urban Redux Super Chasers being discovered
  • Details on the extra Trading Night Eachez being added to the RSP
  • The guys run through the release calendar


You can listen to this podcast by clicking here