Big Hero 6, Aladdin, Disneyland & Many More Disney Infinity 2.0 Toys Spotted

This weekend saw a early version of Disney Infinity 2.0 available to play at the San Diego Comic Con and thanks to Instagram User, Aldo1718, we now know about some of the toys that will be available within the 2.0 Toy Box including items based on Big Hero 6, Aladdin, Brave, Gravity Falls, Mulan, Peter Pan, Ratatouille and Disneyland.

10546571_769229266449147_1293085782_n 10549687_1461879157396770_344908372_n 10584625_1594725824087550_941484418_n 10560917_319031574888239_805941754_n 10584733_1524212844457250_1130781626_n 10454054_1513854632161038_1977751218_n 10543556_682923178422083_1828284189_n 10570105_1528576020706262_200582399_n 10576182_343670545785321_31712100_n 10570230_692297084171501_192551922_n 10560908_611560492274906_400653181_nWhat toy are you looking forward to using?

Thanks to Aldo1718 for these images


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