Disney does it again with the leaks…. no really, Disney actually did this one themselves. An article just published over at Disney Insider shows off pictures from Disney Infinity’s Pop-Up Shop at SDCC… and with it, a glimpse of a new Toy Box Game Disc. Take a look.


Now, this is not 100% confirmed, but to me, that looks like Merida on the disc, which means there is a Brave themed Toy Box Game… also, there is dialog on the screen about cakes (a main plot theme in the movie).

If this proves true, this joins the already teased Stitch themed Toy Box Game Disc, and the two announced Marvel themed Toy Box Game Discs, Attack on Asgard and Escape from the Kyln.

Thanks Disney Insider. :)


Our friends over at Stitch Kingdom posted these on their Instagram just a bit ago. First up is a close up of the Merida Toy Box Game Disc, in which you try to retrieve cakes for the Witch while fighting off wooden bears.

merida merida01

Also posted was a close up of the Stitch Toy Box Game Disc.