Disney Infinity Toy Box Game Disc “Escape from the Kyln” Revealed

For a while now, we have been wondering what the second Toy Box Game Disc was coming out with the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack. Since the announcement back in April, we have been well aware of the “Tower Defense” game disc, which is officially called Attack on Asgard. However, the other disc was just known as a “Dungeon Crawler” game. Being that it looked like Ronan was on the face of the disc, we had a pretty good feeling that once the Guardians of the Galaxy information was released, we might see this disc. Today at SDCC, the disc has been revealed.

In this picture from our friends over at Stitch Kingdom, we see the disc with Ronan, the villain from Guardians of the Galaxy. With that comes a title: Escape From the Kyln.


Now, in the Marvel Universe, the Kyln is a maximum security prison, and I am assuming the prison that appears in the upcoming movie, seeing as Star-Lord is one of the more famous residents there.

Pretty cool, huh?

Stayed tuned all week as we bring you more information from SDCC.