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custom shout outWelcome to Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Shout Out where I share with our readers some interesting custom Vinylmations that I’ve spotted over the past week over on our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group.


Artist Name:Craig Larson
Custom Name:
Artist Contact:

This custom is a variant of Craig Larson’s ‘Frosted’ variant of his original take on Frozen’s Anna. I’ve got to say, it’s an amazing figure. Being a fan of the Frozen movie, this figure has phenomenal detail. The cape, Anna’s hair and the body work is stunning. Great work, Craig!

image(1)Artist Name: Deanna Fiers

Custom Name: Baby Anna & Elsa

Here’s a picture of Anna and Elsa as they were at the beginning of Frozen. These two figures are from Deanna Fiers, an art major who likes to test her ability on 3D figures. Another great entry, with great detail on the face, arms, head and ears of the figures. Wonderful!


Artist NameJennifer Bednarski
Custom Name: Anna & Elsa

Continuing on with some more Frozen customs (anyone else notice a theme to this week, its like almost like Frozen is popular!).  This custom of Anna and Elsa caught my eye and I love the level of detail that has gone into the faces, simply beautiful.


Artist Name: Justin C. Yanez Marshall
Custom Name: Thunder Mountain Dale

To celebrate this weeks Big Thunder Mountain anniversary, this custom was something I instantly loved.  I am a huge Chip & Dale fan and the Big Thunder Mountain is one of my all time favourite rides, put them together with an Ice Cream and you have the perfect custom Vinylmation!


If you’re interested in Custom Vinylmations, check out our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group

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