Across the Pond – Mail Days

10401814_469214583212711_1818233757_nOne of the most enjoyable things about collecting Vinylmation when you don’t live near a park or Disney Store, are mail days. When the postman walks up with a nice box or package with your latest purchase, nothing really feels better than ripping open the box to uncover the contents. Even though you know, most of the time, what is in the box, its still a pleasant experience.

The majority of my collection have traveled via the postal service and I know I’ve had slightly too many parcels sent to me when the postman knows me (he even once drove by, while I was walking to work, stopped and handed me my latest addition to my collection) and even the staff in the post office know me after the amount of packages I send out. So although I do live in a small seaside town, it still does feel, if the post office know me, I’ve had and sent too many Vinylmation in the post.

When you don’t have the opportunity to pick up Vinylmation in person, having a rare chance of blind boxing is rather fun, though disappointing if you get duplicates, as that will mean some more visits to the post office. Being a collector who is so heavily reliant on the internet does make things tougher and more expensive, but its all the more rewarding when your latest acquisition has arrived.

10004354_589791294451150_451348408_nAnd its why so many of us collectors share our latest mail days through social media, posting them on Instagram, Twitter and within our own Facebook Groups. Its all part of the experience, part of being in a community and some might call it bragging, but the majority of the time, its just done out of excitement. Sharing mail days is a great way of communicating with other fans and I would always say, share a picture of it, you’ve paid for it and waited for it. So enjoy it.

However, this past year, something has changed. Mail days have become much less frequent, as Disney has slowed down the releases, I know I have much fewer boxes being delivered, (it must be bad if the postman mentioned it today when he handed me a box). The people at work and my family have all commented on the lack of new parcels coming through the door. I have been making an effort to curb my purchases but also having less releases is automatically doing it for me. And I don’t think I’m alone, the amount of mail day photos I see through social media has dropped off.

Which makes having a mail day even more special, it might be a few more weeks before I get another, possibly more. So I say, enjoy the mail day, share the mail day and as Nick & MC would say, Keep on Collecting!

What do you think?