Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Finding Nemo Junior series.

nemo jr


RogPalmerUK – I am not a huge Junior fan but I am a fan of Finding Nemo, so that’s why a few of these designs do jump out at me for being a little cool, figures like Squirt, Nemo and the Seagull are all great designs but honestly, I’m not picking any of these up, I like the fact they have made the junior series smaller but there are still too many filler figures for me.

 HoneyHits for me is Nemo, Dory, Marvin and the jellyfish. Love the clear body, very clever way of doing fishes. Squirt is also adorable and I love how they’re all done in a simple cartoon style which works on a tiny canvas of 1.5″

Jonathan – I don’t have anything from this series, never really been into the Juniors. But I will say that they got a lot of the characters spot on especially with the limited Space. Dory will always be my fave but my favourite designs are the Seagulls and Bruce. I might get a few of these just because of the characters I like.

Donna – Im surprised there aren’t more of the tank gang. I wish there would have been a Peach or Gil instead of the Anglerfish or even Darla. Maybe they could have used Jacques as the chaser instead of Blenny (or even Mr. Ray). There are enough characters left they can easily make a second set though!

WDWRobertI use to have a cold receptive feel to the Jr. series in the past as I initially thought they were just “too small” and not worth collecting. Though little by little and I have warmed up to them and eventually collected in its entirety the “It’s a Small World” jr. series. Though I probably will not collect this series, I feel that there are a few worth noting.

Dory: Though Dory and several others, have already been done in the 3” format, the jr. versions seem to be a bit more animated/cartoonish and 1 ½” Dory is a perfect example of this. I just love that the “Mickey Head” is the fish and the body is clear blue thus giving the look that the fish is swimming. The plants and bubbles are also a nice touch.

Sheldon & Pearl: Though they are in the film for a short time it was nice to see them added to this series. Sheldon & Pearl vinylmations both share that the same look that Dory has with one exception and that is Sheldon’s body continues onto “Mickeys Body”.

Seagull: This is my favorite of the bunch. I just love the face as it shouts outs the famous “Mine! Mine! Mine!” chant. This guy I will most definitely collect.


RogPalmerUK – The whole series is one big miss, I’m not planning on picking any of these up because I just don’t collect Juniors and while many collectors are saying they would have preferred them on a 3″ mold, with the Pixar series Nemo & Dory, there isn’t much need for that either.

WDWRobert –  Darla: For one I was not a fan of her in the movie as she was just an absolute menace every second of the movie. Don’t get me wrong she was a much-needed character in the movie as she gave a real threat of certain death to Nemo I just did not like her and how terrible she was! However, she was already a 3” and I think that was enough for me. Bruce: I love the character but did not like the look of Bruce as a jr. because the Jr. looks nothing like the character from the movie. Missing Characters: Where is Gil, Bubbles and Nigel? Maybe there will be a “Nemo Series 2” eventually as there is definitely plenty of characters to create.

 HoneyMy misses are the right 3 from the top row. Bruce could’ve worked with a clear body but instead looks strangely stretched out especially compared to the other fishes.The seahorse and puffer fish suffer from bloated syndrome and they lack a cute appeal.


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