Stitch Toy Box Game Disc Coming to Disney Infinity 2.0

So, Blogger Bash had a VIP Event prior to Sweet Suite Thursday night. Since the VIP Event was being sponsored by Activision/ Skylanders Trap Team, I never would have guessed that John Vignocchi would have made a presentation about Disney Infinity. Well, he did, and a picture sent in to us last night from the event brings a smile to my face. It looks like one of the new Toy Box Game Discs will be themed after Stitch.

Instragram Credit: @lanimsays

Instragram Credit: @lanimsays


This would explain a lot of what we saw in the Stitch and Tinkerbell release materials, with there being a lot of Stitch themed landscape.

For those of you not familiar with the new Toy Box Games, they are pyramid shaped hex discs that open up a special Toy Box Game (adventure) when placed on the Infinity Base. Unlike Play Sets, thought the Toy Box Games are geared to one character (Stitch) or set of characters (The Avengers), they can eventually be unlocked so where ANY Disney Infinity character can play. It’s their answer for people wanting the Play Sets to be able to be opened, which, because of mechanics involved, cannot.

Currently, there are two Marvel and two Disney Toy Box Games slated to be released. The Marvel ones are themed after Asgard (a Tower Defense game) and supposedly Guardians of the Galaxy (Dungeon Crawler game). Now word on what Stitch’s game objective is, or what the identity of the second Disney game is.

What do you think of Stitch being the theme of one of the Toy Box Games? Let us know.

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