Vinylmation Vault – A Starry-eyed Look at Urban Series 2 “Cosmos”


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From the Galaxy of “Vinylmation Vault” this week we will gaze upon the Urban Series 2 Cosmos 3″. The Urban Series 2 was released on Friday July 24th 2009 and was created by Quynh Kimball and is currently selling on eBay from anywhere between $7.50 & $15.00. Urban Series 2 featured the old Mickey Mold, which I love for vinylmations like this, and included an “Artist Card”.


There are approximately 64 stars on the head, 32 stars on the arms, 65 stars on the body and 29 stars on the feet for a grand total of 190 stars. Now that’s a worthless tidbit of information but it was fun to count them all! Now having is nice and all but there is one thing that the stars can do that really makes this Vinylmation so amazing and is that they glow in the dark! I only found this out one night when I shut off the light in out guest bedroom and noticed that a few of the vinylmations including this one were glowing! What a creative idea that was. Also somewhere on this vinyl there is a Hidden Mickey I wont give it away but I will leave a picture of it at the end of the article. On a side note I did find several more vinyls glowing that night but let’s save that for another day.

Another cool thing to look at are the planets located on the front and back of the vinyl. Now to be honest I am not exactly sure which planet is which. The ones on the front starting top down my best guess is planet Earth and below it could either be Jupiter or Mars, though it would be too big but it would work if you were considering the planets to be in the same order as our solar system. On the back we can continue on the body with the bottom one being Jupiter, Saturn (the one with the rings) then finally (no chuckling like you did in school) Uranus. But I really don’t think these are truly planets in a specific order of the solar system and are just an artistic view of generic planets.

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 Finally I must admit I don’t collect the Urban Series in their entirety any more but the Urban 2 Cosmos Vinylmation is such a great piece regardless and I am proud to have it included in my collection and on display.


I would love to hear your thoughts on how many stars you counted and what your thoughts are on the planets names? Well that wraps up this weeks Vinylmation Vault this week and as always please leave a comment on this or any other vinyl that you would love to see featured. Till then Happy Collecting!


Location of the hidden Mickey is just above the bottom Planet. There are tons of hidden Mickeys on the vinylmations so take a look and see what you find!

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