Infinity Toy Box Thursday – Obstacle Course Challenge

Its Thursday, which means we have some great new obstacle course Toy Boxes to download including:

  • Ralph’s Brickyard – Ralph has made a super dangerous obstacle course in his brick pile! Can you make it through? Created by Kevin B.
  • Indy’s Temple Run – Dr. Jones needs you to retrieve an artifact. Escape the caves in 5 minutes! Use provided tools. Created by toyboxmaster.
  • Emile’s Bad Day – Emile’s stomach has got him in trouble again. Help Remy’s brother out of the sink and take him back to the colony. Created by Vault of villains.
  • TenToughTrials 2 – Sequel to the Extreme Sports winning toy box! The rules are the same: Complete 10 trials in 10 minutes! Created by Finn-Warrior.
  • Kronk’sNewGroove – Help Kronk discover his new groove as you display your smooth moves on Yzma’s challenging obstacle course. Created by Pirate Steven.

Here is this weeks episode of Toy Box TV:

And here are a few of our own Toy Box Videos from last week: