Well, this morning I was greeted with another box of puzzle pieces from Disney Consumer Products. Yesterday’s package contained what looked like Hopper from A Bug’s Life, and soon there after, pictures from other media outlets confirmed that San Diego Comic Con will be getting a line of Pixar Villains Vinylmations this year. Today, I got more pieces for Hopper, and a clearer idea of the puzzle.


Looks like each puzzle is made of 15 pieces. If trend continues, the final box should appear tomorrow. looking forward to seeing how the others pan out today, as Inside the Magic has Chef Skinner, Stitch Kingdom has Zurg, and Vinylmation World… well, their’s is not conclusive yet.

Stay tuned as we update throughout the day with more completed puzzles from our other media friends.


Throughout the day, our media friends have also posted updated pics of Chef Skinner (Inside the Magic), Zurg (Stitch Kingdom), Stinky Pete (Vinylmation World), and a new one from Chip and Company… Randall!

skinner zurg photo-41 randall-498x499

Update 2: And Destination Vinylmation also got sent one of these boxes showing off Incrediboy

incredible boy

Tomorrow we all should be getting more puzzle pieces. Stay Tuned!