B402P_SP641_92_4G7GVIf your a fancy of Sleeping Beauty or Maleficent, there could be some good news for you, our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange are reporting that a Vinylmation series based on the Sleeping Beauty movie is rumoured to be released at Disney Stores in October, to tie in with the re-release of the classic Disney movie on DVD & Blu Ray in the United States.

maleficent13It’s unknown at the moment if this rumoured release might be a blind box series, a junior series or a boxed set, but this follows previous Vinylmation releases that have tied into movie re-releases like the Little Mermaid, the Jungle Book and Cinderella.

We’ve seen plenty of Maleficent figures over the years, so who could be included in this series?

What do you think of this rumour?