Across The Pond – Comparing Infinity to Skylanders?

What Disney Infinity should borrow from SkylandersI have been hearing about how Disney Infinity compares to Skylanders since I first heard about Disney Infinity and while I have done a bit of research into what Skylanders is over the past year, trying to understand it. There is no doubt that Disney Infinity is directly compared to Skylanders, both games feature toys that the gamer places on a portal to use on screen during the game. And many people compare the two games, especially when it comes to how physical changes have been handled between different versions and even more so since Disney Infinity 2.0 was announced.

One of the biggest discussion points over on our Infinity & Beyond Facebook Groups has been about how Disney Infinity 2.0 will handle moving existing content over from 1.0 and direct comparisons to Skylanders are constantly being used as an argument. Primarily because at the moment, that is the closest thing we can compare this situation to. When (or if) Disney Infinity 3.0 comes out, we will have already gone through one change, so we will directly comparing that to how 1.0 to 2.0 was handled, but at the moment, Skylanders is all we have.

disney-infinity-incrediblesOver the past couple of months, I’ve been doing more and more research into Skylanders to try to understand it better, I’ve been looking at the different figures in the stores, how they have branded their figures for compatibility (such as if the figures will work on Giants or Swap Force), how figures have been upgraded with each generation and more. Because all the previous figures work in the latest game, its easy to see how Disney are going to follow suit with 1.0 games working on 2.0, because Disney have confirmed that the figures from 1.0 will still be in production. Skylanders re-released many classic figures including figures that featured in the original starter pack such as Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt and Spyro, so could that mean we will get single figure releases of Mr Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow or Sulley?

As I learnt more about Skylanders, I came across some cheap Swap Force starter packs and before long I ended up winning an auction on eBay for a second hand PS4 version for under £15 ($25), as I decided that the best way to understand the game a little more, was to dip my toe in and to play the game. And with 2.0 a couple of months away yet, I would do some “research” for our readers and to be honest, I thought it isn’t going to hurt to see what the other company is doing. I did say I had no plans to buy any other figures, but that didn’t last long as I saw some rather cool second hand figures in GAME that were just a couple of pounds. I can see why Skylanders is so addictive.


One thing that really stood out is that had both Skylanders and Disney Infinity hadn’t included figures, we probably wouldn’t compare these games as much, but I almost look at the games in the same way as Super Mario vs Sonic the Hedgehog were rivals back in the day. While they are competitors to one another, effectively they are very different and spur each other on to create better games.

Disney Infinity’s Toy Box mode is unlike anything in Skylanders, they can be battle arenas if desired but they have a very different feel to a battle arena in Skylanders. Disney’s Toy Box mode is aiming at Minecraft gamers, which allows Infinity fans to use their imagination to go wild. Something that Skylander’s doesn’t seem to be as interested in.

Without doubt, both games are focused on selling more toys and that’s where the two games go toe to toe, especially on the shop floor, usually the figures are next to one another on the shelves and with more toys coming with Trap Team and 2.0, the competition between the two is going to be under more pressure from Nintendo’s new figures. Disney has an advantage of its characters, but I honestly believe that the stronger the competition is, the better Disney Infinity will get.

Infinity and Skylanders aren’t going anywhere for a while, the competition between the two is good for gamers, but for people’s pockets, it can be tough, especially with the “gotta get them all” mentality. So trying to do the two games at the same time, isn’t going to be easy on the wallet, so getting hold of older series on the secondary market or holding out for discounts is going to be the key if you’re willing to wait.

As I’ve said, comparing Skylanders to Disney Infinity is natural, but there are so many differences, they are very different, going forward many people are trying to pick a side, which is good for the pocket, but remember, you don’t need everything to play these games. Both Disney and Activision would like you to, but its not essential .

What do you guys think?

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