Hits & Misses – Park Starz 3 Variants

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Park Starz 3 Variants.



RogPalmerUK – I am a huge Park Starz fan and I have purchased every single release including all of these figures so for me they are all a hit.  There are a couple of figures that stood out as being fantastic releases including the Hitchhiking Ghost Ezra which looks perfect next to last years Gus. I just love the hitchhiking ghosts and I love how they have captured his face and the little bowler hat looks great.  I’m also really impressed with the Mission to Mars variant as its not just a variant for variants sake but also representing an entirely different attraction.

 Chris : Ezra and pirate. Nice addition to the variants from 1&2 keeping consistency for collections.

Nick – Hits: or HIT would be Ezra. Continuing the HM series the same as series one and two. Classy, simplistic, and cool.

WDWRobertPig Pirate “Black”:  When the Park Starz 2 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 pack came out I immediately bought them, as I loved their Sepia inspired look. Though as time continued on I questioned why they did them in this format and I even thought of selling them. Then when they released the Pig Pirate in the same style I was glad I decided to keep them. The look suits them well and I can’t wait to collect this set within the Park Starz series.

Hitchhiking Ghost – Ezra “Clear”: Following with the Pirate Series collecting Variants within series to complete a variant set really hit the mark. The clear ghosts look great and displaying them together really adds to the variant clear look. Hopefully Phineas will be included in Park Starz series 4.

Astronaut “Red” It took me a while to come up with a reason why they picked Red & Blue. After you leave the briefing room two groups are are lined up for their mission at one door with one group being Red and one being Blue. The variant looks great in red and the small detail of the Mission Space patch on the chest is a nice touch. Though I like this color combo I think a Red/Green Astronaut might have been a better choice?

Big Al & Trixie: Having never seen the Holiday show for the Country Bear Jamboree I did not get the purpose of this set and initially I was taking a pass on this variant set. Now I know the reason why I am excited to add this set to my collection. Thanks to YouTube I was able to experience the show and I absolutely love it. I wish they would bring the show back, but for now I will have these two to fill in the gap. I really hope that Park Starz Series 4 continues the tradition on matching regular and variant sets!


RogPalmerUK -I think the oddest choice for a Park Starz variant is the Country Bear Big Al, popping a little hat on his head, 3 years after the figure was released, just seemed to be a bit lazy and I also think Trixie’s variant is a bit weak with just some holly and some ice skating boots painted on.  Not great for $50.

Chris – Country bears and astronaut. Country bears fall flat because they aren’t really that different from the normal versions. Adding skates and baby new year outfit isn’t worth it. The astronaut is a bland figure already so the red one is really no better. Would have liked to see a Glow turtle

Nick – MISSES: or MISS is the Country Bears two pack. The biggest issue I have aside from the lack of thought put into this variant is the fact that we are still getting variants from previous series (Big Al from series one) it’s kind of lazy to “re release” older figures in a series where we could’ve seen (like Chris mentioned) a glow turtle.   Overall the variants are DECENT but lacking in creativity.

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