While you were out yesterday grilling burgers, swimming, or watching the fireworks, you missed the beginning of the 2nd annual Wounded Warrior Project Vinylmation auctions in the VK Auction House. 100% of proceeds go to the WWP and there are 3 rounds of auctions. The first round of auctions began yesterday and end on July 7th. So what is currently up for bid? Take a look. All the information below comes from MissionMouse.com

Group 1 auctionJuly 4-7

Tom Shultis

– “Ka-Chow!!” this patriotic car is rolling with a metallic paint job that shimmers when the sun hits it.  Tom is a former Marine who is also a gifted artist.  Tom airbrushed on a cars mold, Vinylmation 95, which he then attached to a custom painted base with the message “Home of the free, because of the Brave”.  Base measures 12″ long x 7 3/4″ Wide x 1″ tall.  The vinylmation is about 8″ Long and 4″ Tall

Tom 2014

Kathlene Evans

-Kathlene was inspired by the Disney short, “Private Pluto” .  She worked her magic and did some clay molding with his ear and hat. “Gurrrr”  don’t want to mess with this puppy.

pluto oswald

Bethany Norris

-Frozen’s ELSA!!  She has joined the Woman’s Army Corps during WWII.  Bethany said, “I tried to think of the perfect female who would be willing to fight in the war when most stayed home.”  I agree Elsa is strong character.  Any Frozen fan will love this 3″ vinylmation.

Elsa WW

Haily Windell

-3″ Saluting Jessica in Glass Shadow box.  The shadow box measures 5 1/2″ x 7 3/4″ and it can be hung or placed on a desk or shelf.  The vinylmation can be removed from the shadow box but why would anyone do that…she looks pretty in front of the American Flag


Chris Porter

-3″ Oswald!  Who doesn’t love Oswald?  Chris molded Oswald’s arm with clay so that he could salute.  This is a Patriotic vinylmation, and will brighten up anyones home.

pluto oswald - Version 2

Josh Edwards

-3″ Little Green Army Man!  “Ohhhhhhhh”  This little army guy must have been in charge of Buzz’s Star Command.  I’m sure he would say to the winning bidder “I have been chosen.”

lgm salute

John Paul Amezcua

-”Seven Seas Mickey” is what this 3″ vinylmation is named.  The name makes me think of  the Navy March “Anchors Aweigh” and the verse On seven seas we learn Navy’s stern call:Faith, Courage, Service true, with Honor, Over Honor, Over All.  John did clay molding on the uniform as well as the hat.  Another artist commented on this piece, “I love the serenity look to him.”