custom shout outWelcome to Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Shout Out where I share with our readers some interesting custom Vinylmations that I’ve spotted over the past week over on our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group.


Artist Name:  Jared Flores
Custom Name: Recent Hatbox Ghost 3

I’m a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion and a big fan of Jared Flores, which means when I first saw this Vinylmation, I was instantly impressed, this figure looks simply fantastic.  Jared has a unique style that instantly jumps out and I think this custom is simply amazing.

Tom-2014Artist Name: Tom Shultis
Custom Name: “Ka-Chow!!”

This Vinylmation on the 95 Lightening McQueen mold is an amazing piece of work and its for a very good cause, this Vinylmation will be available through our own Auction House Facebook Group this weekend as part of the special event to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I’ve always been impressed with Tom’s work due to his airbrushing skills.  And I just love the 95 mold, especially with this patriotic look.


Artist Name: Amber Gonzalez
Custom NamePopcorn Figments for Kristen Bevacqua-Walsh

As a big fan of the Popcorns line, these instantly jumped out to me as an imaginative way of using a different mold to show off the fantastic Figment.  Amber Gonzalez also has a unique style and these have a great cartoon aspect to them.


Artist Name: Josh Edwards
Custom Name: Tarzan

This figure jumped out at me, Josh has done a great job of capturing 3 characters on a single figure and this design would have been amazing on a 9″ mold, this is one figure that the lucky owner will have to keep rotating in their collection to show off both the front and the back which both feature amazing detail.


If your interested in Custom Vinylmations, check out our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group

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