Disney Tsum Tsum Have Invaded the US… With Their Cuteness!


To be honest, I was quite aware of Disney’s Tsum Tsum before today. The brand, which is both a collectible plush and a corresponding matching game for mobile gaming devices, has been a mega-hit over in Japan. I know friends who downloaded the Japanese version of the game, or have spent a lot of money to import these cute little plush characters over here to the US. So, it didn’t surprise me when I found out that Tsum Tsum was coming to the US. Released today online at the Disney Store, I have a feeling these guys are going to big a BIG hit this holiday season.

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The plush themselves are available in three different sizes: Mini, Small, and Large, and range from $4.95- $24.95 in price. Then there is the game, which will be available on both IoS and Android, which is a free download with opportunities for in-game purchases.


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Ready to start (or continue) you own Tsum Tsum collection? Check out the products available starting today at the Disney Store.

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