Vinylmation Juniors! – Is Less More?

vm_nemo_-jr_-marlin_orgOn July 11th, Disney are releasing a new Junior series based on the Finding Nemo movie and what is so interesting about this series (other than the cute little Squirt figure) was that Disney have finally reduced the size of the series, going from 18 figures down to 12, resulting in a case dropping a dozen figures. Instead of 2 chasers per case, there is now just a single chase, moving the Junior case size down to the original 3” layout of two sets of 11 figures plus a chaser and a filler.

Fans have been saying it for years, the Junior series have been too big and too much of a financial outlay as buying over 16 figures at $9.95 that you don’t want, simply put too many people off buying cases and the other big problem with many of the junior series is there were often too many filler figures which weren’t wanted.

This new Nemo Junior series is a very strong line up with lots of mainstream characters that will get people buying into the series, the previous series Aladdin had some strong designs but again, the amount of figures in a series put off collectors from buying too many blind boxes.

I’ve always felt the Junior was overpriced, at $9.95 a figure, seems a lot for something that is half the price of the normal 3” figure, there obviously is some cost in the keychain but when it was sat on the shelf next to other figures at the same price, they didn’t look that attractive.

aladdin jr trayI’m not a huge Junior collector, I have plenty that came with other Vinylmations as part of a package such as the Brave Triples but rarely have I gone and brought too many blind boxes of Juniors, I did have a punt on some Goofy Juniors and Star Wars Droids but after only picking up the “fillers” that I didn’t want, I almost had to give them away as nobody wanted them.


While this move to make Junior series smaller, I still don’t think they went far enough, since Disney cut the size of the 3” series down to just 8 including the chaser, I thought the Junior series might have matched it and looking at the Nemo series, had they cut out some of the unknown sea creatures, it would have been a very strong series that I think would have been even more popular.

Juniors are a strange thing within the Vinylmation community, some people love them and some people simply don’t bother with them, everyone has a different reason and I’m sure many collectors are happy with the Junior series size being cut, I for one think its a step in the right direction.

What do you think?

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