lg_full_DVlogo_upsized-300x300The latest Destination Vinylmation Podcast is now available to download.

Official Description: This week we return with news about Park Starz 3 and some surprise Eachez that have been released. We also share our lists of Top Ten Vinylmation 2-packs of all-time.

Main Points:

  • Nick & Brent run through the new releases including Park Starz 3 and their variants
  • The new Junior series based on Finding Nemo are discussed
  • Duffy Series 1 is talked about
  • The lack of new releases are discussed
  • They also discuss the recent Nightmare Before Christmas Eachez and Pirate Princess Eachez
  • The unreleased concept art of Spooky Chip & Dale are mentioned
  • The new Hawaii Minnie Hulu is talked about
  • Nick runs through the release calendar
  • Nick & Brent also run through their best top ten 2 pack Vinylmations.

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