One of the most interesting developments within Vinylmation was the unveiling of the Popcorns brand, stepping away from the standard Mickey Mold was a bold step and while many Vinylmation fans weren’t impressed, there were many who embraced the new Vinylmation shape and these figures appealed to other Urban Vinyl collectors and casual Disney customers who just liked the figures.

But the Popcorns line has been a rocky one, the initial run of open window figures seemed to get off to a great start but quickly it looked as if many of the figures were collecting dust on the shelves at the Disney parks and before long the whole series was devalued with the shocking decision to drop the price to $5 a piece for a Black Friday Cyber Sale. Many collectors jumped on the chance to grab a bargain (I myself picked up the last 4 I needed to complete the set) but after that, once the price shot back up to full price. Popcorns series 1 was already deemed a failure and nothing more than Outlet Fodder. Popcorns Series were just over priced and over produced, much like most of the Vinylmations created in 2012. The variant editions also suffered from over production, the black and white Mickey Mouse was LE5000 which was way too high and the Dumbo Circus variant was also over produced at LE2500.

VMBlog_20120627_Popcorns01Popcorns Series 2 followed the next year with just 4 designs along with 2 variants (Black & White Donald and Reflections of Evil Sulley) which had some success but with a rather interesting take on Ursula! Once again, these figures have stuck around on shelves for too long and ended up at the Outlets.

mysterypopcornsDisney haven’t given up on the Popcorns line, Series 3 will follow this year with a new “Mystery” element and Beast will be one of the figures available at this years Imagination Gala. But as of yet, we know very little about the Mystery Popcorns line.

Popcorns have the potential to be a fantastic Vinyl art line, the demand for Vinyl art is still there and different takes on classic Disney characters is what people want, currently Funko Pop Vinyls and Funko’s Mystery Mini’s are huge due to lots of different reasons such as including ease of access due to different retailers carrying them and great designs. Popcorns could be a great line but some changes have to be made and looking at the Funko Mystery Mini’s is the way to go.

My first suggestion would be to take at look at the price, at $25 or $20 a piece, is simply too high for a common figure, Vinylmation has slowly tried increasing its price over time but most items stay around the $13 price tag which is also around the same price as a Funko Pop Vinyl. And one way of decreasing the price would be to make the size of the figures smaller, Popcorns vary hugely in size, comparing Sulley to Chip/Dale is like comparing a 9” to a Junior. And if Popcorns went even smaller to the similar size to the Funko Mystery Mini’s that could also push sales even further.

Disney have had a huge success in turning the Vinylmation hobby around with the use of their Eachez by including the chance of a variant has made success stories out of many designs that might not have been as popular without the blind box element. And that variant factor is being introduced into the next Popcorns series which could be a major step forward for the brand, but mixing in smaller figures with a lower price point could be the difference maker in turning Popcorns into a major success.

What do you think could save the Popcorns line?